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When you're almost sure you've learned all the theory, but you still get quite a lot of questions wrong, GoGMAT's Analytics will always be there for you. It can be next to impossible to identify your own weaknesses and figure out by yourself what you need to do to keep improving your score. GoGMAT uses advanced analytical software to track your progress throughout your online GMAT preparation and provide detailed statistics about your performance.
Track Your Progress As You Go
We analyze every test you take and every question you answer, to give you an accurate report on your progress. With GoGMAT Analytics, you can monitor which material you have mastered and what needs more attention. Check your statistics and discover which subject areas are causing you the most trouble.

With our amazing analytical software you can easily keep track of the percentage of questions of each type that you have answered correctly, the percentage you got right at each difficulty level in each category, and the average amount of time you have spent per question for each question type.
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With GoGMAT, you no longer need to spend your time trying to figure out what to review for further performance enhancement; we've got that covered. Our analytical system tracks every mistake you make and creates your personalized list of recommendations and a list of the materials you should review.
All these features allow you to track your progress effectively and eliminate the blank spots in your GMAT preparation with as little distraction as possible. You can give all your attention to learning.
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