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Many people who have come to a decision that they will need third-party assistance in their GMAT preparation wonder whether they should turn to private GMAT coaching or GMAT online course. And this comes as no surprise because GMAT score is an important criteria considered by business schools in selecting their future students, and each applicant wants to increase his or her odds of being accepted. Needless to say, both private GMAT coaching and GMAT classes online have positive and negative aspects, so let's take a look at those.

 The first thing you want to know about your future instructor, be it a private tutor or a GMAT online course is whether you will get professional instruction and supervision, and I believe both private GMAT coaching and online GMAT classes can give you that. But the problem with many private tutors is that even though most tutors are good in the subject area (math, English, logic, etc) they rarely have enough knowledge about specific GMAT questions and traps GMAT uses and often work as universal SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc tutors. On the other hand, our GMAT classes were developed specifically to meet the needs of those who are to take the GMAT and do not just teach math or grammar, but teach it in a way it will most help you on the GMAT.

Of course, some tutors, especially former employees of GMAT prep companies, have all the qualifications needed, but these, in turn, will probably charge you $50-$200 per hour for GMAT coaching. Considering that you will need at least 20 hours of instruction to cover most of the information you will need, this turns into $1000-$4000 preparation cost, and again no guarantees. Online GMAT classes are definitely cheaper and provide much more instruction for significantly smaller amounts. For example, GoGMAT course includes more than 20 hours of GMAT instruction and you can always watch a certain GMAT lesson or repeat a certain piece of theory any time you need.

The other important step in your preparation is practice. Most, if not all, online GMAT courses include thousands of practice questions tailored to reflect the questions you will see on the GMAT, and in case with our online GMAT classes you even get a chance to generate your own practice tests by setting test parameters such as difficulty level, category and number of questions in the test. In case with private GMAT coaching, you will have to purchase practice questions online to get sufficient amount of practice.

Of course, online GMAT classes are not without their own drawbacks; for example, you get less personalized attention and getting instant answers to your questions may not be possible, but you still get the support team that is ready to answer any of your questions, it's just that this may take several hours.

Generally, both private GMAT coaching and GMAT classes online can help you boost your score. If you have unlimited budget and if you are sure the tutor you choose is a true professional and will supply you with all GMAT theory and practice you need, you can go for private GMAT coaching, but given the number of those "ifs", online GMAT classes with GoGMAT will probably be a better, cheaper and safer bet.


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