Rewards Program

GoGMAT empowers and rewards you just for being social! Try it and see how easy you can earn points and get valuable gifts.

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Step 1. Refer your friends and colleagues

Send special GoGMAT offers you create to your friends and colleagues using the best tool for it. You can target specific people in your personalized email or spread the word of mouth through social networks, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc.


Step 2. Earn bonus points

We reward you for being social and spreading the word of mouth each time you sent invitations and give you bonus points. You receive the biggest reward when one of your friends or colleagues makes purchase as for your recommendation.


Step 3. Exchange points for great stuff

Redeem your bonus points and get the reward you are really passionate about! With our bonus redeem program you can choose what you can get almost without any limitations.

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GoGMAT Rewards Program FAQ:

What is GoGMAT Rewards Program?

This is a referral program that will give you valuable rewards just for being social!


How it works?

Simply send GoGMAT platform invitations to your friends and earn points that can be exchanged for valuable gifts.


Do I have to be a GoGMAT customer?

No, our referral program is open to anyone.


What gifts can I get?

You can exchange your points for such great stuff as GoGMAT prep course, Amazon certificates, Apple gift certificates, iTunes gift certificates and iPhone gift certificates.


How can I refer GoGMAT to my friends?

You need to sign up and create your profile. Choose a photo and a template you want to post and simply send a referral email or the referral link to your friends just clicking on the "Invite Friends" button (email, post to your blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, etc.)


How can I earn bonus points?

First of all, you will receive 5 bonus points just for signing up! For other ways of earning points please view the table below.

  1. One email to a contact = 2 bonus point for you;
  2. One post in blog = 2 bonus point for you;
  3. One Post in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Orkut = 4 bonus points for you

The table above can bring you a maximum amount of 2000 points. But if your contact buys a referral product you will get much more bonus

Your contact buys Advanced plan = 3500 bonus points for you;

Your contact buys Premium plan = 5000 bonus points for you.


How many bonuses do I need?

You may see the list of gifts you may redeem following this link http://social.gogmat.com/bonusselect.html


Will my bonus points expire if I do not redeem them?

No. Your bonus points will be safe until you want to exchange them.


Will I get notified when my contact have signed up?

Surely, you will be notified when you get a significant bonus. (For example, if your contact purchases the product you recommended).


How long are my referral links valid?

Your referrals must make a purchase within 14 days after clicking your referral link, or their cookie will expire and you won't get paid. If your contact decides to make a purchase after your referral link was expired, you can resend one to earn your bonus points.

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