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For whom is this test prep platform designed?

Our online prep platform is designed for those who want to prepare for the GMAT exam at their own pace and get high GMAT score. GoGMAT is a great complementary tool for an extensive, high quality practice accompanying any classroom or textbook studies. It's an excellent fit for someone who seeks top GMAT prep and wants highly targeted and truly effective online practice. Abandon Unproductive Practice Once and For All!


Do I need any study guides or books?

Not necessarily, but it is up to you. GMAT sample questions, GMAT sample tests, strategy tips, and other reference materials are all included in our online package. The course includes a searchable reference library that includes concept overviews and strategies for achieving a high test score. However, GoGMAT’s platform can be a great complementary tool for extending your study and practice with any classroom course or books. Many of our students who have completed 00+ classroom courses report that their GMAT scores increased following targeted online practice on our platform. With GoGMAT, you can significantly hone your test taking skills and build a strong knowledge base with or without studying theory from books or in the classroom.

The only book we highly recommend is the Official Guide for GMAT Review. It is the only source that contains real, retired GMAT exam questions.


Does the GoGMAT course include Integrated Reasoning (IR) content that addresses recent changes to the test?

Yes, our online prep course includes instructions for Integrated Reasoning strategies along with hundreds of practice IR questions of high quality, modeled after Official Guide questions. This section of GoGMAT is designed to help you tackle the challenges of the new GMAT Integrated Reasoning section.


Does the GoGMAT platform include computer adaptive tests (CAT)?

Yes. You get access to four full-length CAT Tests. These tests mirror the adaptive algorithm of the actual test and are the most accurate way to track your progress and predict your GMAT score. What really makes GoGMAT stand out from the rest of the test prep world is that you also can create as many of your own online practice tests as you want, using our Test Generator and the thousands of sample questions for GMAT in our database. You can select the difficulty level of your test questions, the question categories, and the number of questions; you can even make your test adaptive.


How many practice questions do you have?

Our Database contains more than 5500 practice problems.


Who prepares the practice problems?

Practice questions are prepared by expert instructors who have decades of experience and who have effectively taught thousands of students.


How similar are your practice questions to actual GMAT questions?

Our practice questions are very close to the real thing. The experts who have prepared them have extensive knowledge of their subjects as well as many years of experience teaching GMAT prep and developing high quality content for the exam.


How does the Money Back Guarantee Policy work?

We believe that preparation for GMAT is an important step in your life and that test prep companies should appreciate your time and effort; they should provide high value for your money. At GoGMAT, we take your preparation seriously. That's why we offer you a risk-free deal with no tricks. If you think that the value of our prep course does not justify its cost, you can cancel your subscription within 14 days and get a full refund with no questions asked.

To receive a refund, simply contact us at, and we'll quickly refund your payment. Find more information here.


What support do I get?

If you have any questions or difficulties in understanding specific questions or topics, just drop us a request at or create a ticket in the Support section of our platform. You will get your answer within 24 hours!


What is adaptive technology?

The GoGMAT platform is powered by adaptive technology that customizes the program specifically for your needs and enables you to create your own unique educational path. The system tracks and analyzes your individual performance at the lowest level, indicating your specific strengths and weaknesses and generating recommendations based on your performance.


Can I use GoGMAT on my iPad?

GoGMAT works on iPad and Android as well as on PC and Mac.


Which types of payment do you accept?

We accept whatever is most convenient for you—Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club International, or PayPal.


What browser should I use with GoGMAT?

GoGMAT works great with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. We suggest you use one of these to maximize your satisfaction with GoGMAT.


How long do I have access to the prep course?

The duration of your access depends on the membership plan you choose. If you discover that you need to retake GMAT exam with your membership due to expire soon, don’t worry. Just let us know and we will extend your access free of charge*.


Why choose our GMAT course?

Instead of adapting your schedule to offline lessons and spending your time on the road, use GoGMAT to polish your skills using your PC or tablet whenever you have some extra time. With GoGMAT, you will not waste your time reviewing materials you already know, or answering questions that are too easy or too difficult for your current level of mastery. Instead, you will focus on your personal needs for improvement, and practice at the margins of your abilities, stretching to achieve better scores. Forget about frustrated searching through big books: with GoGMAT, you can find any information easily by making just a few clicks.

Don't see your question in this list? email us at and we'll get back to you quickly.