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What makes GoGMAT the best tool
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Adaptive Technology
GoGMAT is an adaptive GMAT preparation course that customizes itself specifically for your needs and enables you to create your own unique educational path. The GoGMAT system tracks and analyzes your individual performance at its lowest level, highlighting your specific weaknesses and generating study recommendations based on your performance. GoGMAT is the very best test prep for GMAT when used to supplement any course of study in the classroom or with books.
Highly Effective Targeted Practice
With GoGMAT, you will not waste your time reviewing material you’ve already mastered or answering questions that are too easy or too difficult for your current level. Instead, you will focus on your personal areas in need of improvement and practice at the margins of your abilities to achieve better scores.
Powerful Analytic Tools
Our powerful analytic tools enable you to advance from assuming that you have some weak areas to knowing exactly what your weak areas are. The GMAT tests so many concepts and skills that it is easy to become confused about what you are really good at and where you need improvement.

Our powerful analytic tools help you detect patterns and gaps in your knowledge and skills that unlock the astonishing power of targeted practice. These findings help you concentrate on improving exactly what you need to strengthen instead of wasting your precious time on practice just for the sake of practice.

Analytics is the process of capturing, storing, and analyzing data to yield insight. At its core, is a set of complex mathematical algorithms used to discover and interpret patterns in detailed data.
Wealth of practice questions
With GoGMAT's tools you can build an unlimited number of highly customized practice tests from a database of more than 5,500 practice questions. You can customize your practice tests based on question type, question topic, time, number of questions, and difficulty level. You can create tests in an adaptive mode, where the difficulty level of test questions presented will depend on level of your previous answers, as in a real exam.

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  • Alvira Lee
    This online platform helped me to significantly develop my timing skills and ability to solve complicated GMAT tasks under high pressure within the strict time frames. The great number of adaptive questions on GoGMAT makes you prepared for the actual test environment and eliminates the number of occasional and...
  • Mohammed Abdurashid
    The best thing about GoGMAT is that it enables one to have a well structured preparation for the test. Using GoGMAT you can always tack your progress, analyze mistakes and refresh the necessary topics whenever you need. With GoGMAT you have all the information you need on the fingertips.
  • Vivek Singh
    GoGMAT is the best solution for those having no time to attend live courses with its strict timetables. GoGMAT is flexible and contains all the possible theoretical materials in addition to a number of practical tests that you can take whenever you like! Plus it is much cheaper than any tutoring.
  • Kumar Malik
    I would like to thank GoGMAT team for providing good services, fast response and continuous support during my preparation period. GoGMAT helped me to fully prepare for the test from scratch simply being in front of my computer. GMAT is an adaptive test and I believe the best way to prepare for it is...
  • Brian Sturtson
    The reason I have chosen GoGMAT was the opportunity to track my own results using its Analytics. And this is a great feature of the platform that enables one to figure out the weak parts of GMAT skills and study specifically these questions using another GoGMAT tool – Test Generator. My weak point appeared to be Data Sufficiency...
  • Victor Petrov
    Excellent Course! The instrcution goes kind of fast, but you can pause and watch video lesson again. The best thing is lots of practice and the ability to create your own tests. Most questions are close to those on GMAT. Generally, it's good.
  • Galina Kanevsky
    The GoGMAT site is my best GMAT preparation experience. I can state this with a great extend of confidence as I've tried some other methods first, including the classic preparation course, private teachers and also a self preparation method. Nothing worked for me as well as GoGMAT.
  • Hari
    I subscribed to Gogmat for 3 weeks in the ending periods of my preparation. Found the mini tests to be the best for those on the move. Mini tests are very customizable and easy to use. I could practice the difficult questions alone - saving a lot of time for me.
  • MBA Strategy
    As our strategic partner GoGMAT significantly contributed the development of our GMAT preparatory methods and became a unique instrument of GMAT preparation for us. Thanks to the well organized and easy in use GoGMAT online system that was integrated into our courses...
    — MBA Strategy, CIS
  • MBA25
    We very much enjoyed working with your project team and hope that our spring cooperation will become a good start for long lasting partnership. Overall, we were impressed with the profiles of candidates you could attract at the event and their deep interest in top-rated business education.
    — MBA25
  • Halid Altuner
    GoGMAT is perfect for business people who have no time to devote for GMAT courses, and though aspire to achieve high score. The combination of practical questions that are well-organized by difficulty level and comprehensive theoretical materials is what actually sharpens your GMAT skills.

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What is the Graduate Management Admissions Test?

GMAT® is an abbreviation for the Graduate Management Admission Test, which is a standardized computer adaptive test. The GMAT is designed to assess your chances of succeeding in business school. It tests your ability to approach complex arguments critically; to compose grammatically correct, clear, and concise sentences; to comprehend information from complicated texts; and to solve basic math problems. It does not test your knowledge of business, your job experience, or your computer skills, and it is not concerned with your character traits or management skills.

GoGMAT gives you a great GMAT review course at half the price. GoGMAT is the best GMAT prep even if your studies also include classroom courses and books. Learn with us to prepare for GMAT.
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You will find the following sections on your GMAT exam:

  • The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) is the first section of the GMAT, and it consists of one part: Analysis of an Argument.
  • GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section (IR) is the second part of the test and consists of 12 problems in four new formats: Graphics Interpretation, Two-Part Analysis, Table Analysis, and Multi-Source Reasoning. Each problem will require you to analyze data from charts and tables and draw conclusions in order to answer questions.
  • Our GMAT Prep course includes more than 2 hours of video instruction for the GMAT IR section, where you will learn about each of the new question types. We also provide hundreds of high quality IR practice questions modeled after Official Guide questions to help you prepare to tackle the challenges of the Integrated Reasoning section. GoGMAT is one of the best GMAT preparation courses you will find at any price.

With GoGMAT’s highly effective targeted practice and powerful analytic tools, you’ll see your GMAT scores increase in a short time.

The GMAT Quantitative Section consists of two types of questions—Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving. It comprises 37 multiple-choice questions, which you will have to answer in 75 minutes. The Quantitative section of the GMAT is rather challenging, especially the Data Sufficiency part, which is unique to the GMAT. These are not the kinds of questions you are likely to have seen in college or high school, so you have to familiarize yourself with Data Sufficiency, learn test-taking strategies, and have substantial amounts of practice to succeed with the Quantitative Section.

GoGMAT is a great GMAT prep companion with online access to more than 5,500 high quality practice questions that will help you boost your Test Scores

The Verbal Section is the last part of the test and includes 41 multiple-choice questions. You have 75 minutes to answer all of them. There are three major types of questions in this section—Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension.

Practice with GoGMAT. In no time, you will build your stamina and learn how to use your brain to solve the most challenging GMAT problems.

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