About us

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GoGMAT, founded in 2009, is an adaptive GMAT preparation platform developed by the best instructors in the industry (with 740+ GMAT scores and strong teaching experience) and designed to meet unique customer needs. GoGMAT team consists of high profile members, successful entrepreneurs, experts in educational field, top-notch business schools’ alumni with successful track records as investment bankers and management consultants. GoGMAT is promoted by INSEAD alumni and an angel investor from Silicon Valley.

We have built GoGMAT to be a detailed and easy to use set of tools aimed at helping you succeed in your GMAT preparation. Our GMAT experts, university professors and successful entrepreneurs, analyzed GMAT test algorithms for almost 12 months.  We used their knowledge and skills as the basis to create one of the most efficient solutions in the world for GMAT preparation.

We are open for new people to join our team. If you are keen on education and adaptive learning technologies, check out our Jobs page.