The Astonishing Power of Targeted GMAT
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The Astonishing Power of Targeted GMAT Practice
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What is GoGMAT?
GoGMAT is a unique individualized online preparation platform designed for those who want to prepare for GMAT at their own pace and get high test scores. Our online GMAT preparation course is a great complementary tool for extensive and targeted online practice to supplement any classroom studies and books. Our students who have completed $1000+ classroom courses report increased scores after targeted online practice with GoGMAT. You too can come to GoGMAT to sharpen your test taking skills significantly and build a solid knowledge base to complement your studies from books or classroom courses. It's an excellent fit for anyone who needs high test scores.
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Access the GoGMAT online platform any time, from anywhere. Whether you’re in New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Moscow, San Francisco, Mumbai or any other city across the globe, you can study for the GMAT on your own schedule, in your own rhythm, according to your own needs for achieving your best possible test score. Our GMAT online training platform is designed especially for your busy life and guarantees a test score increase. We have built this platform with one goal in mind, to help you to succeed.
With GoGMAT’s targeted and highly effective practice, you will have everything you need to achieve a higher Test score.
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How it works?
GoGMAT is an adaptive test prep tool customizable specifically for your needs, enabling you to create your own unique educational path. GoGMAT’s system tracks and analyzes your individual performance at the lowest level, identifying your specific strengths and weaknesses and generating recommendations based on your performance.

With GoGMAT's tools, you can build an unlimited number of individualized practice tests from a database of more than 5,500 practice questions and track your progress with detailed analytics to address your specific strengths and weaknesses. With these powerful tools, you can customize your own practice tests based on question type, question topic, time, and difficulty level. You can even create tests in an adaptive mode, such that the difficulty level of future test questions will adapt to the current level of your previous correct answers.

It's a great way to target your test preparation toward a higher test score. GoGMAT is the best online GMAT prep course that will do the most to make your test prep easier and more effective.
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GMAT Score Increase
Want more than 700 on GMAT? It is real. You can achieve it. Instead of adapting your schedule to offline lessons and spending your time on the road to attend them, use GoGMAT to polish your skills, using your PC or tablet whenever you have time. With GoGMAT, you will not waste your time reviewing material you already know or answering questions that are too easy or difficult for your current level. Instead, you will focus on your personal areas in need of improvement and practice at the margins of your abilities, stretching to improve your scores. Forget about flipping the pages of long books; with GoGMAT, you can easily find whatever you need with just a few clicks.
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