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Comprehensive online GMAT Course
Thirteen sessions contain all the GMAT study material you may need. Each study session contains two video lessons, one math and one verbal, with detailed explanations of each topic covered in the lesson. With GoGMAT, you will not be studying simple math, grammar, or logic; you will study math, grammar, and logic specifically as they relate to the GMAT. With our highly effective, knowledge-based approach, you’ll see your score increase in no time.
GMAT Lessons
Each of 27 interactive video lessons starts at a very basic level and leads to the advanced theory you will need on the test. All rules and formulas are explained in detail and demonstrated by application to real GMAT questions. You can watch any lesson again, whenever you want to, as often as you wish. These lessons will be a great help during your online GMAT training.
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Lesson Transcripts
Are you uncertain what formulas or rules you should memorize? Do you hate to scroll through long, complex study guides to filter relevant formulas and then write them out? GoGMAT already has that information sorted and organized in your lesson transcripts. Each lesson includes all pertinent study material arranged in lists of formulas and sets of rules you must memorize. With GoGMAT, you no longer have to spend hours looking for the material you have to learn; you can use your precious time learning, not searching. Download a lesson transcript, and one mouse-click gets you all study material you need.
Knowledge Base
Another amazing feature of our GMAT course is the knowledge base, a well-organized compilation of study material. You can search for information by alphabet, by topic, or by keyword.
GMAT Materials
Each GoGMAT study session contains a set of practice tests: pre-class, practice, and test assignments that mirror real test questions and are designed specifically to apply all the theoretical material you learned in a particular session. Evaluate your skills with pre-class tests, learn from session materials, consolidate with practice tests, and measure your progress with test assignments.
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