When selecting a GMAT preparation company, the most important and often challenging task is finding a good, affordable source of practice questions. The GMAT rarely tests anything you did not cover during your high school and college years, but it requires you to apply this knowledge to real situations or to see a “big picture” instead of focusing on details.

Student practice This focus on practical application is not new and is not something GMAT invented. For example, business schools use case studies to teach students how to transfer theoretical knowledge to actual situations. Employers seek professionals who not only “know” but also “can”, and GMAT designs its questions accordingly.

This means that learning or reviewing math, grammar, or logic concepts might be straightforward, but becoming comfortable with the way the GMAT tests them requires practice, practice, and…more practice.

Select a GMAT Prep Plan That Works For You!

We Offer 183+ HOURS of REPRESENTATIVE Practice

183+ HOURSThe GoGMAT database contains more than 5,500 GMAT practice questions that mirror the format and logic of real GMAT questions. Nine full-length CATs, pre-class and practice tests for every session, and the ability to generate your own tests provide more than enough opportunity to satisfy any student’s craving for GMAT practice. We have calculated that solving all our practice questions would give you around 183 hours of GMAT practice—certainly more than enough for most students!

Better yet is that our testing interface is the one you will see on the GMAT. You get the same look, same functions, and same buttons on your GoGMAT practice screen as you will get on the GMAT. The real test is already stressful enough ; the last thing you need is additional stress from having to figure out how the thing works. After you practice with GoGMAT, the interface on your actual test will be familiar, with screen, buttons, and question types that you understand. Getting ready in this way for the real test environment saves time, adds confidence, and helps you focus on solving questions without technical distractions.

GoGMAT system

Select a GMAT Prep Plan That Works For You!

We Offer a BETTER Way to Practice

Best of all, we offer targeted practice. The traditional approach to practice includes several in-class examples, a few CATs, and some homework assignments—and we surely have all that. But is that enough? No, not according to our customers who have taken other courses before subscribing to GoGMAT. From them we have learned that the typical practice options are not sufficient. After your first phase of GMAT preparation, you need targeted practice.

Target YOUR weak points, using our Test Generator

GoGMAT test generator

In your final stage of GMAT preparation, simply solving all the practice questions you have left is a waste of time. To target your weak points and practice only the skills you most want to strengthen, we offer a unique tool called Test Generator. Using Test Generator, you can set specific test parameters such as question type, difficulty and number of questions, and category of questions you want to test. Since all the questions in our database are classified by difficulty level, question type, and the kind of skills they test, the Test Generator program will draw relevant questions from our database to create any test you define.
The classification of questions is very detailed and allows you to deliver surgical strikes on your weak points. If you feel like absolute value equations are still causing problems, you don’t have to solve general math or algebra tests, hoping to come across a question that deals with absolute value equations; with GoGMAT, you can create a test devoted entirely to those equations.

Paired with our powerful analytical system

Paired with our powerful analytical system that analyzes all your mistakes and provides detailed charts that expose your strong and weak areas, Test Generator allows you to avoid wasting time on the things you already know and focus on strengthening your weak areas.

GoGMAT analytics

The number of students looking for a reliable resource for GMAT practice is constantly increasing, and we have created a reasonably priced GMAT practice plan for them. Whether you are new to GMAT or have taken other courses that did not provide you with sufficient practice, we have a preparation plan that will suit your needs.

Select a GMAT Prep Plan That Works For You!