Finding GMAT Sample Tests and Questions

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GMAT Sample Questions, GMAT Sample TestsWhile finding GMAT sample tests should not be a problem for those of you who have bought our course, if you chose the more onerous task of free GMAT preparation, you may have hard time finding enough GMAT sample questions to get sufficient practice. In this post, we will explain which sources are best for GMAT sample questions and let you know where to find free GMAT sample tests.

Finding GMAT sample questions

The main problem with finding free GMAT sample questions is that the questions you find may not be representative of the GMAT questions; there just aren't enough good ones. We have some GMAT sample questions on our website (see links below), but to get more, you should buy the Official Guide for GMAT Review. The book is reasonably priced (around $20 on Amazon) and contains 800+ GMAT sample questions that have been used on the GMAT.

Finding GMAT sample tests

Like sample questions, free GMAT sample tests are scarce, and it is especially challenging to find free GMAT sample tests that have the same algorithm as the real GMAT has. Luckily, GMAC, the company administering the GMAT, has released GMAT Prep software that allows you to take two GMAT sample tests free of charge; you can download them at

For those of you who plan to invest in your GMAT preparation, we offer 4000+ GMAT sample questions that can be used to generate hundreds of GMAT sample tests using our Test Generator.

We also will have free GMAT sample tests posted for our users on this website, so make sure you check all the updates regularly.

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