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GMAT Test Dates, GMAT Test CenterGMAT Test Dates

Unlike many tests that can only be taken at certain times, the GMAT test dates are much more flexible because the test is administered continually throughout the year. You can schedule your GMAT test date for almost any day of the year but you must make sure you consider several factors:

- Schedule your GMAT test date in advance, while there are still spots available in the GMAT test centers at your preferred location.

- Make sure you register in advance and that your GMAT test date is at least a month before your business school application deadline, as sometimes it can take a month to deliver your scores to the business schools you choose.

GMAT Test Centers

GMAT Test Centers are available in most large cities, and you can choose the GMAT test center you prefer when you schedule your GMAT test appointment. However, empty spots in American GMAT test centers, especially in large cities, fill up very fast; make sure you register in advance so that you can choose the GMAT test date that will be best for you.

Certain rules and regulations apply to all GMAT test centers, so please read our earlier post What to Expect at GMAT Test Centers to get a general idea about those. You can also visit, GMAC's official website, to find all the information you may need to know about GMAT test dates and GMAT test centers.


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