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GMAT practiceKnowing the best way to prepare for your GMAT can be the difference between a great score and a mediocre one; a spot at the top or floundering in mid-level obscurity. For this reason, it's imperative that aspiring Business school students show some management-level decision making skills when it comes to choosing the best GMAT preparation model.

These days, countless GMAT prep companies are aggressively competing for the chance to lead you to GMAT glory and they'll gladly take your money for trying to do so. Of course, many are reputable companies and some are just out for a buck so you have to be careful out there.

What you want to be looking for is the most professional, thorough and accessible GMAT preparation service available. In general, two kinds of options are available. You could take the classic approach and head down to your local GMAT prep class. Or you could look towards the newer yet equally attractive online preparation programs.

While in your immediate area there are perhaps a handful of GMAT classes to choose from, there are probably about 10-20 online programs. Variety works in your favor here because you can shop around until you find a program that speaks directly to your own needs.

Keep this in mind: the added features and convenience of online versus 'live' GMAT classes plus the money you will save might just tip the scales in favor of the online options. The knock on online preparation has always been the lack of personal attention and immediate response to both logistic and academic questions. These days, many GMAT preparation sites have addressed this problem. With the emergence of integrated real-time CHAT rooms on GMAT sites you're able to chat one-on-one with an expert. You no longer have to search through a HELP section maze, send an e-mail or rely on guess work. These CHAT rooms can help you solve your problem on the spot.

Taking this into account, the question begs to be asked: Ultimately, what will be more helpful to you when preparing for the GMAT: A live class which has the advantage of being personal and interactive, or the convenience, accessibility and wealth of resources offered by online programs?

To help you answer, we'll go over and compare additional advantages of online preparation versus the more traditional forms of GMAT studying.

With online GMAT preparation you can be anywhere and continue your studying and practice uninterrupted. While a regular GMAT class is at set times of the week at set locations, online classes are recorded and available for viewing and listening at your convenience. Whether you're spending a late night at the office, travelling for business or simply caught in an endless commute, with a laptop and internet connection you're able to sign into your account and access all your GMAT materials. In this way, online preparation helps you maximize the precious free time you have.

Traditional GMAT classes will cover all the material you will need to know for your exam and online GMAT programs should offer the same; nothing more, nothing less. Any way you look at it, it's a lot of work and a lot of material to absorb. Again, the advantage to live classes is the personal attention the teacher can give while ensuring that you got the point. However, to review the classes you will have to rely either on furious note-taking or other self-generated means of recording and remembering what you learned. Online video lessons are available to watch over and over again until all the theory and concepts sinks in; only adequate review helps you to truly internalize complex information.

Other kinds of studying are also made easier and more accessible using online programs. At some point it's likely you'll have questions but won't remember where the pertinent material was covered in the video lessons. Or perhaps you will need to memorize a formula but you won't know where to find it. Using online resources allows you to sift through thousands of pages of material with the press of a button. A simple Google-style search can lead you to the answer you're looking for. Cumbersome hand-written notes and juggling multiple GMAT text books are just not as time-efficient in these scenarios.

Learning the material is one thing and yet another demanding aspect of GMAT preparation is, of course, practice tests. Both live and online programs usually provide you with loads of practice questions and/or GMAT adaptive algorithm exams to sharpen your test-taking skills.

Though at first glance the two prep options seem equivalent in this respect, important advancements in the technology of practice tests are more commonly found in online programs.

At GoGMAT we pride ourselves in the varied and sophisticated practice-testing available in our program. We provide Quantitative and Verbal practice quizzes to go along with each section of our video lessons. What's more, GoGMAT has created an interface that allows you to design these tests yourself by selecting the kinds of questions you want to be tested on and their degree of difficulty. This way, you can progressively build your expertise, topic by topic.

We also have a feature that allows you to adapt tests to your performance. You don't want to waste your time answering questions that are too easy or skipping questions that are still too hard for you. Using this system, you will be answering questions that match your demonstrated skill level which actually helps you to improve faster.

Another novel feature at GoGMAT is something we call 'analytics.' As I mentioned, we provide a plethora of practice questions and simulated GMAT tests. Every time you take one, our software is recording your answers. The analytics program keeps track of which questions you got wrong, which theoretical concepts you're still not getting and which styles of questions are giving you the most trouble.

As you get closer to the test date you'll want to focus your study time on the weakest links in your GMAT knowledge-chain. The analytics program is designed to help you hone in on the topics and questions you still need to work on. You won't need to go through all the material to eliminate those mistakes that keep popping up in your practice exams. Our system shows which bits of theory you need to review to improve further.

No GMAT preparation is complete of course, without a healthy dose of simulated GMAT exams. The actual GMAT is administered through a computer program (known as CAT) that employs an adaptive algorithm that reshapes the test as you go along according to how well you're doing. It is quite necessary that you take this kind of test multiple times during your preparation to know exactly what to expect. Online prep programs usually have some of these tests available for you to take directly though their website and live prep programs will generally offer them as well. GoGMAT has four full-length CAT tests (two more full-length CATs will be added within the next month).

They too are integrated with the analytics tool so you'll get a precise projection of what youre GMAT score will be. Again, this will guide you on how much studying still needs to be done and on which sections to focus during your remaining study hours.

Keep this in mind: A live class or tutor's services will probably not include these kinds of precise assessments. Also, they will be more expensive and less convenient in the long run.

You don't need to have any expertise in computers to use an online GMAT program. If you have even the most basic computer skills you'll be able to navigate through our prep platform and use it effectively. Of course, if you still feel that you need live presence and support, you can always supplement your online training with a couple of hours of tutoring. Because online programs are priced so competitively, this can still be a cost-saving approach.

We have been going over a lot of the credible review material out there. There are thousands of successful MBA graduates from high-level Business schools who have used online prep programs. With convenience, accessibility and a full range of helpful tools at a fair price, online GMAT preparation is undoubtedly more than just a viable option – it could very well be the best option for you.

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