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GMAT® is an abbreviation for the Graduate Management Admission Test, which is a standardized computer adaptive test. The GMAT is designed to determine your chances of succeeding at a business school. It tests your ability to critically approach complex arguments, to compose grammatically correct, clear and concise sentences, to comprehend information from complicated texts, and your ability to solve basic math problems. However GMATdoes not test your knowledge of business, your job experience, or your computer skills, and it is not concerned with your character traits or management skills.

A great number of educational institutions require applicants to provide their GMAT scores, which they use as one of the selection criteria to choose the most qualified applicants. In fact, your GMAT score and GPA are usually the two most important criteria. The majority of GMAT-takers are going to enter a certain MBA program, but the constantly increasing number of other graduate business programs use GMAT scores to evaluate applicants.

GMAT Structure

- The Analytical Writing Assessment (1 essay, 30 minutes)

- Integrated Reasoning Section (12 questions, 30 minutes)

(optional break 8 minutes)

- The Quantitative Section (37 multiple choice questions, 75 minutes)

(optional break 8 minutes)

- The Verbal Section (41 multiple choice questions, 75 minutes)

Note that duration of breaks sometimes changes and may vary from 5 to 10 minutes.

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