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All three sections of the GMAT are scored independently and your final GMAT score will depend on your Verbal and Quantitative scores.

GMAT Scores

Section NameScaled ScoreFinal Score
AWAAnalysis of an Argument0-60-6
Integrated Reasoning1-81-8

Your AWA score and your Integrated Reasoning score will not be included in your total (200-800) GMAT score, but will be present in your score report. The scores of the two multiple choice sections (quantitative and verbal) depend on:

  • the total number of questions answered
  • the total number of correct answers
  • the difficulty level of the questions answered.

Score Percentile

Besides your final score, your score report will contain your GMAT score percentile rank for each of the scores. Score percentile shows how your score is related to scores of other test takers. For example if your score percentile rank is 85%, this means that you scored higher than 85% of all test takers.

Average GMAT Scores

The average GMAT score for all test takers is 540; however, average GMAT scores for top business school applicants may exceed 700. So your target score will depend on your own goals, but keep in mind that most business schools expect their applicants to have a GMAT score of at least 600.

It's a good idea to find out the average GMAT scores required by schools that you plan to apply to and develop a study strategy that will help to achieve it.

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