GMAT Math Section

Written by Kelly Granson. Posted in GMAT Study Guide

GMAT Quantitative section contains 37 multiple choice math questions, a significant proportion of all the questions you will have to deal with during the test. There are 2 types of GMAT math questions on the test:

- Problem Solving questions

- Data Sufficiency questions

GMAT Quantitative section is 75 minutes long, and questions can appear in any order. Many of the GMAT problems that will appear on your screen will test more than one mathematical concept.

The GMAT does not test any complex mathematical concepts and does not go beyond the materials taught during high school algebra and geometry classes. However, even if you have taken a calculus course, don't assume that you will have no problems with GMAT math. The test is designed in such a way to give all test-takers an equal chance regardless of the courses they have taken in high school or college.

Even though GMAT does not require advanced mathematical knowledge, you have to master the concepts that it does test. Some tricks and strategies may help you eliminate several answer choices or even spot the correct one, but there is no set of tricks that can get you a high score without knowing the mathematics. Therefore, if you are going for a high GMAT quantitative score, you will have to work hard and master all the math concepts tested on the GMAT as well as learn about the traps and tricks GMAT uses to lure you away from the correct answer choice. Don't be afraid of the GMAT Exam; if you are willing to study and work hard, your GMAT score will improve significantly.


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