GMAT Problem Solving Questions

Written by Kelly Granson. Posted in GMAT Study Guide

Approximately 22 of the 37 math questions on the GMAT are Problem Solving questions. Each of the Problem Solving questions consists of the question stem and five answer choices. These are not as tricky as Data Sufficiency questions and simply ask you to solve a certain problem. 

Your Approach to GMAT Problem Solving Questions

- Review or learn all the math concepts which may be tested on the GMAT, pay special attention to formulas and properties.

- Solve as many practice questions as possible so that you will be aware of all types of GMAT math questions that may appear on the exam. Carefully read explanations to each question, even if you have answered it correctly, since it can provide you with a quicker or easier way for solving the problem.

- Read the question carefully, analyze information provided by the question and understand what you are asked to find.

- Take advantage of different methods which can be used for GMAT Problem Solving questions (straightforward math, picking numbers, backsolving) and choose the one that will be the easiest and will take the least time.

- Check your answers whenever possible.


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