How to Write Good AWA Essay

Written by Kelly Granson. Posted in GMAT Study Tips

GMAT Analytical Writing essay is rather easy to write, if your English is fine and you can express your thoughts clearly. For  GMAT essay you need to consider the following:

  • Make your essay well structured. Start a new paragraph for each new thought. A good GMAT essay should have 4-6 paragraphs.
  • Try to use as many structure words as possible to identify structural parts of your essay. For example, introduce your conclusion with words such as therefore, thus, as a result, it can be concluded that, etc. Mark distinct pieces of evidence with indicators such as first of all, in addition, and last, etc. This makes your essay easier to read for a grader and for E-Rater (special software used to grade essays).
  • Try to make your essay as long as possible. Even though length is not an officially stated criterion, longer essays look more thorough and tend to get higher scores.
  • Try to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes. Few graders will give you the maximum score for an essay with a lot of awkward phrases and spelling errors.

Analysis of an Argument (30 min.)

The GMAT essay you will have to write is the Analysis of an Argument essay. You will be given an argument that is similar to arguments you will see as parts of Critical Reasoning questions and will have to analyze that argument. This GMAT AWA does not require you to express your personal opinion, instead try to understand the reasoning of the argument and analyze its strong and weak points. To better understand and critique the argument, locate its conclusion, see what evidence is used to support that conclusion, and identify any additional assumptions needed by the argument. Think of how this argument could be made stronger or weaker.


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