Getting a High GMAT Score: The GoGMAT Approach (Part 4 – Personalized Prep)

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forstudentIn some of our previous posts, we have discussed how you can study and practice for the GMAT, using GoGMAT online platform and how GoGMAT analytical system can help you further improve your score. In this post, we will discuss how all these three elements — study, practice, analysis— combine into the first ever personalized and adaptive GMAT course.

When you go to a live class, be it a GMAT prep course or a cooking class, you and all the other people in your study group get exactly the same material. Regardless of your goals or abilities, you will receive the same instruction, same assignments and same guidance as every other person in your class. That is not personalized, and we have worked hard to change the way things normally work and to create a GMAT course that will adapt to your needs, your abilities and your goals.

Personalized schedule

The GoGMAT course is an on-demand course. You no longer have to sacrifice your plans for the sake of a live study session that you can't miss, or otherwise adjust your life to fit into the schedule of your GMAT prep company. With GoGMAT, you can study where you want, whenever you want, and for as long as you want. Regardless of whether it's the 15 minutes left of your lunch break or the whole weekend that you can devote to your GMAT prep, as long as you have Internet connection, you can always log in to your account and prepare for the test.

Personalized study

Unlike live classes with a fixed syllabus, GoGMAT offers you the opportunity to adjust your syllabus, so that you only learn the theory you want. If you have math, engineering or IT background, and math is something you deal with pretty much daily, you may need to review only some of the math topics, and if you are not a native English speaker, you may very well need to spend more time studying for the verbal section of the GMAT. With GoGMAT, you can focus your study only on the areas that you need to improve, and you don't have to sit for two hours listening to the stuff you already know. If, however, some areas require additional attention, you are no longer limited by a fixed amount of time allotted to that topic. You can watch any lesson or review any material in the knowledge base as many times as you need.

Personalized practice

When it comes to practice, GoGMAT is probably as adaptive and personalized as it can possibly get. Firstly, you can always select an adaptive testing mode, and the test will adapt to your performance. The more questions you answer correctly, the harder the test gets, and the other way around. This is actually the way things are on the real test, when the difficulty of each question depends on how well you have performed so far, but the best thing about adaptive testing is that you do not have to waste time on the questions that are already too easy for you, and you don't have to deal with questions that are still too hard for you. Adaptive testing technology has proven to be the most effective practice method as you always practice on the verge of your ability.

Secondly, GoGMAT Test Generator allows you to create tests by setting question types and categories of questions in your test, so you can practice only the skills you need, and don't have to waste your time on some precooked tests.

Personalized improvement tracking

Unlike instructors in live classes who may have a very general and vague idea of your progress, GoGMAT analytical system tracks every question you answer and every mistake you make, and creates your personal detailed charts and graphs that show which topics you have mastered and which areas still need some improvement. It also generates your personal list of materials for review that will help you fill in your gaps.

All these study, practice and analytical features make GoGMAT the most efficient GMAT prep tool available. The analytical system points out the skills you need to improve, and the study and practice features can help you improve the areas you need. It's best if you use the system in its entirety, yet some people, mostly those who have taken other GMAT prep courses before, use only parts of it. For example, if you are sure you are done with all the theory, but you feel like you might need some more practice tests to get to your target score, GoGMAT can be a great practice tool. To learn how GoGMAT can help you, make sure you read the other three posts in the series that explain in greater detail all the study, practice and analytical tools offered by GoGMAT:

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Good luck!

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