How to Organize Your GMAT Preparation

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Taking the time to organize your GMAT preparation can improve your test score and put you on the road to acceptance at the school of your choice. It is important to understand what to expect from the test and to find out which concepts you need to review or learn in advance. As a part of your GMAT preparation you will have to learn the math theories, grammar and logic rules that will be covered. You should take sample tests and practice applying the theories. Be sure to identify the concepts you need to study in more depth. Lastly, as part of your GMAT preparation you will need to analyze your mistakes to find out whether they are due to concepts you have missed along the way. If they are, more studying will be in order.

The first step in your GMAT preparation is to make sure you understand all required theory. Go through textbooks or search online to gather all of the relevant theories. If you can afford an online GMAT prep course, you should definitely get involved. This will reduce the time needed to gather relevant information and will give you access to all the theory relevant to the GMAT. As part of your preparation for the GMAT, organize all formulas, rules and useful advices, so you can quickly find and refresh the ones you need.

Knowing the theory is vital but not sufficient. A significant part of your GMAT preparation is taking GMAT practice tests or quizzes. This is an opportunity to check your progress and your comprehension of theories and how they should be applied. Identify the tricks and possible traps that are used in these tests and learn how to avoid being thrown off course when solving these problems. You will want to be familiar with all types of questions before taking the GMAT Exam.

While practice tests are invaluable for identifying your weak links during GMAT preparation, be sure to invest in the GMAT Official Guide to see specific questions that have been used on the GMAT. When you receive the guide, study how the questions are phrased. You can expect a similar wording on the GMAT, and the guide gives you an opportunity to see how you handle the problems prior to the test. Do not hesitate to time your practice as you must get used to time pressure you will face on the GMAT. Practice questions is another advantage of online courses, especially of a course offered by GoGMAT, as our course includes thousands of GMAT-like questions and you will be able to create tests for a specific concept or several concepts and even to select the difficulty level of questions in your test.

Once you have reviewed the guide and taken practice tests, analyze the results. Determine what theories or problems you are getting wrong and why you are getting them wrong. Review or learn the concepts and then repeat the GMAT practice tests until you have addressed all of the mistakes and understand how to approach the problem if encountered on the test. Another point of analysis is to look for wording or phrases that may be causing you to interpret the problem incorrectly. By familiarizing yourself with the troublesome phrasing, you will be better able to interpret the problem correctly should it appear on the GMAT and solve the problem with ease.

Proper GMAT preparation can translate into a high GMAT score that will increase your educational options for graduate school. Learning what steps to take in order to derive the most benefit out of your GMAT prep is an investment of time that will reward you when you receive your test results.


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