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Good news for tech-savvy graduate school applicants: studying for the GMAT has gone mobile. The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), the organization that creates and administers the GMAT, has recently launched a GMAT preparation app for the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The app is an impressive tool that delivers up to thousands of pages worth of GMAT content with one ginger poke of the finger.

In general, apps are cool and fun to use; the GMAT app is no exception. Although the GMAC is careful to point out that the questions offered through the app are exactly the same as those found in their now old-fashioned Official Guide, the app supports a number of interactive features that make it quite attractive in comparison to its hard-copy counterpart.

Here's a run-down of what you get for your $4.99:

  • 50 official GMAT sample questions with explanations. You can purchase additional question packs of 250 category specific or mixed category questions for $9.99.
  • Answer questions in "study mode," which lets you look at each question and explanation individually or "exam mode," a timed, simulated exam review.
  • Interactive interface that keeps track of the time during your GMAT practice tests and rates your progress. Goodbye stopwatch.
  • A Game Center feature that integrates social media. Compare your scores and compete with other applicants. For example, if a specific question's been giving you some trouble, the app will let you check to see what percentage of other users are also having difficulty. It can be useful to know where you stand compared to your competition.
  • Seamlessly integrated with so you can easily research school profiles, review test dates, search for test centers in your region and register to take the GMAT.
  • A daily countdown to your test date based on the information you provide; as if you needed another reminder.

All in all, the GMAC has put together a nice little package here. While it may not radically alter the way students approach their GMAT preparation, it can and will make the study process a little more enjoyable and convenient. For more details, check out the official youtube video that previews this new product.

With thousands of new apps going on the market each month, the trend that got started when iPhones took the world by storm has become, by far, the biggest digital product craze the world has ever seen. Apps are big business, so it's nice to see that the GMAC, a body representing the interests of business schools the world over, has shown some business savvy of its own by introducing a quality app. It's not a must have, but if you download a copy, you'll enjoy it.


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