Offline Live GMAT Classes vs. GMAT Online Courses

Written by Kelly Granson. Posted in The Best GMAT Prep Course

Online GMAT preparation is becoming increasingly popular among GMAT takers, and this comes as no surprise. In fact, the title of this post could be changed to something like Four Reasons to Select an Online GMAT Course instead of a Live One. Here’s why

Live classes are available only in large cities, while you can take an online course from any location if your Internet connection is fast enough. And if your Internet connection allows watching YouTube videos, it’s good enough for GoGMAT online.

Offline live classes being live, you have to bring yourself physically to the classroom, by the time your class starts, to get your piece of preparation.  With GoGMAT online, you can study from your home or office and don’t have to spend the time and effort to get to the classroom. You don’t even have to adjust your daily schedule; you can access your account—all the instructional materials, GMAT practice questions, and other useful content—any time of day or night.

If you miss an offline/live class, you have no chance to make it up. Since people do get sick or for other reasons have to miss class, you may end up with some blank spots in your GMAT preparation. With GoGMAT online, you not only get an opportunity to watch any lesson any time you wish, you also can watch any lesson as many times as you wish.

Last but not least, live classes are time-limited. Course developers and instructors have to fit all the material into a prescribed amount of time, determining the number of examples and even the amount of theoretical material you get. GoGMAT online lessons are the opposite. Their length is determined by  the amount of material that needs to be covered and the number of examples that need to be explained.

Generally, both live and online GMAT courses can help you prepare, but GMAT is not a test that you simply have to pass; you have to score well, and not just well but better than most of your fellow applicants.  Make sure you go for your best preparation option.

Good Luck!

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