How to Improve Your GMAT Score

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The competition is getting tougher as more and more people are applying for business schools. The very first road block that MBA applicants face is the GMAT. If you take a look at the top B schools, you will observe they all have 700+ average GMAT score.

The most excellent way to enhance your GMAT score is to prepare for the exam over the right time (which generally is 6 weeks for most people). If you are planning to take an online GMAT course to score well at the GMAT, it will cost you some money but will help. If you have enough cash, it is best to get prepared with the help of professionals.

For the rest of you, here are some tips:

1. Make sure you sleep well on the night before the GMAT exam. Do not spend the night preparing, because if you feel tired during the test, you wouldn't be able to concentrate.

2. Take care that you know how to manage your time. Time management should be completely clear along with simple things like how much time to give to each question. You must leave enough time to double check your answers for difficult problems. This is a bit like the two minute warning given in football games. It is absolutely necessary. To get a good GMAT score, you must answer all questions, and dwelling on just one difficult question would lower your GMAT score drastically. You must know when to stop wasting time on one question.

3. Remember the 80/20 rule. This will help you focus on a couple of weak areas. Take a lot of practice tests and then find out the subject that gives 20% questions resulting in 80% wrong answers. Work especially well on those areas. What you need is a few more questions for GMAT practice. If you hit the nail on spot, you aren't far from breaking the 700's.

4. Practice a lot. Buy some good books and preparation guides, and practice as much as you can. I know this is a very basic tip and you already know it, but if you don't follow it, it would be of no use. Many people get great GMAT scores just because they had devoured some good books. Of course, if you take an online GMAT course, you do not have to buy study guides, as you will have all the theory and practice you need in your course.

5. Know the right directions for various types of questions to raise your GMAT score. When you understand the directions of questions already, you wouldn't have to read them all over again during the test. But since the directions can change, make sure you do glance through them to see if they are the same or not. If you practice enough, you will not have to spend precious exam time to understand the question directions.

6. The questions given at the beginning of the test are more important in raising your GMAT score. Take time and solve those questions correctly as they will raise your score considerably, but of course the other questions are also important, so make sure you have enough time for those as well.

7. Take your chances and guess on the answers if you are not sure, because there is no negative marking for wrong answers and you can't leave the question unanswered anyway.

8. GMAT is computer adaptive. This means that the more questions you crack, the harder the test will be. So the better you are doing, the more freaked out you can be. So just make sure you stay calm and composed. If you are getting really difficult questions, it means that you have answered the previous ones correctly, and thus are likely to get a good GMAT score. Keep a positive mind and don't get freaked out.

9. Use all the breaks that are offered to you. Also, get a new scratch paper for each break.

10. When you do not know the right answers, look at the question in a different way. Instead of finding the right answer, eliminate the wrong ones.

This year, the GMAT is going to be difficult, as it has always been. You need to do well on the test to enter into a good business school. Follow these tips and work hard. Cracking GMAT and getting good GMAT score isn't very difficult if you know just how to do it.


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