GMAT Facts…What You Should Know

GMAT is an acronym for Graduate Management Admission Test, a computer adaptive test that assesses your ability to analyze data from various sources, to solve complex problems, to reason critically, and to comprehend information from complicated texts. It does not evaluate your computer skills, your level of business knowledge, or your work experience. Because the GMAT predicts likelihood of success in the academic environment of an MBA program, the top business schools look for applicants with GMAT scores of 700 overall. Since the GMAT is not like most other tests, you cannot prepare for it in quite the usual ways. Adequate preparation is crucial nonetheless, because success on the GMAT depends on BOTH solid academic knowledge and rigorous practice.
So how do you prepare for it? Rely on GoGMAT! We will help you strengthen your language, reasoning, and problem solving skills. We also give you strategic advice and practice for mastering the test's technical challenges, and plenty of practice with full-length sample tests, which are exactly like the real thing. GoGMAT’s highly targeted practice and powerful analytics are so effective that you will see your GMAT scores increase in record time.

GoGMAT…How You Should Prepare

For those high GMAT scores, no other online preparation platform can do what GoGMAT does for you. You will, of course, rely on whatever classroom instruction you like, and you will use the books you choose; AND you will find that they are more helpful when you supplement with the individually targeted and highly efficient practice of GoGMAT.
GoGMAT is a resource that makes your GMAT Exam preparation not only stronger but also much easier. When you're believe you've done your best with the content and you know the knowledge base and the theory, but you still seem to get quite a lot of questions wrong, GoGMAT has an analytic system to help you figure out where you're off target. Using advanced analytical software to track your progress, GoGMAT monitors your online practice and gives you detailed information about your performance after every practice test, so that you can diagnose the disconnect between what you know and how you test.
Discovering your specific areas in need of improvement means that you can focus your attention on the skills or theory that will improve your ability to answer correctly precisely those GMAT questions that have been giving you trouble. Think of the time (and frustration) you'll save: no more reviewing materials you've already mastered, no more dozing through questions that are too easy, no more struggling with questions that are still too hard. The GMAT is a timed test, with specific question/answer styles. It's not enough to know the content; you must know the strategy.
As our analytics system guides your understanding of where you must improve, you spend your study time on that and design your own practice tests to drill on those types of questions at your particular level of difficulty until your results show that you're ready to move on. Our database includes more than 5,500 GMAT-type questions, at every level of difficulty, related to every theory, concept, and formula used in the current GMAT. The computer draws from this bank to generate the practice tests you request for your individual difficulty level, topic, and question type, as often as you like. Do you begin to see why GoGMAT's results are so good?
Besides the ability to create an unlimited number of customized online practice tests, GoGMAT also gives you access to nine (9) full-length GMAT sample tests. These tests resemble the adaptive algorithm of the actual GMAT and are an accurate way to predict your results. Unlike a platform with only a few sample tests, GoGMAT says, if your scores are not improving from sample to sample, you can return to the analytic and practice systems for more diagnosis and drill, then come back to try some more samples. There are plenty.

GoGMAT…What You Should Expect

With GoGMAT, you will complete the GMAT experience successfully.
You will spend less time.
You will spend less money.
You will shed less sweat and tears.
You will earn more points.

GoGMAT is a proven system for improving GMAT scores

Discover scientifically where you need improvement. Drill for improvement with unlimited targeted practice. Monitor to see when you're ready for GMAT success.